Our Automation Service


Content Promotion: Automatically share new blog posts on social media platforms or in Slack channels.

Lead Generation: Capture leads from social media ads or website forms directly into a CRM.

Email Marketing: Trigger email campaigns based on customer actions like website visits or product purchases.

Analytics Reporting: Automate the collection of marketing metrics from different platforms into a central dashboard.


Lead Qualification: Automatically score and categorize leads based on interaction data and input them into a sales pipeline.

Appointment Scheduling: Sync Calendly or other scheduling tools with CRM to update sales team calendars.

Sales Notifications: Receive alerts in communication tools like Slack when a new deal is closed or a high-value lead is captured.

Proposal Tracking: Notify sales teams when a proposal is viewed or accepted by a client.


Order Processing: Automatically update inventory and send order confirmations when a purchase is made.

Customer Support Tickets: Create support tickets from customer emails or social media messages.

Abandoned Cart Reminders: Send automated emails to customers who abandon their shopping carts.

Review Requests: Automatically request product reviews from customers after a specified time post-purchase.

Human Resources

Employee Onboarding: Automate the creation of new employee records in HR systems from recruitment platforms.

Time-Off Requests: Integrate leave management systems with calendars to update team availability.

Performance Review Notifications: Schedule and remind employees and managers about performance review meetings.

Employee Feedback Collection: Automate sending and collecting periodic employee surveys.


Invoice Generation: Automatically generate and send invoices when a deal is marked as closed in the CRM.

Expense Tracking: Integrate expense reporting tools with accounting software for real-time expense monitoring.

Financial Reporting: Aggregate financial data from various sources for monthly or quarterly reporting.

Budget Approval Workflows: Streamline the process of budget requests and approvals through automated workflows.

Information Technology

Ticket Routing: Automatically assign support tickets to IT team members based on expertise or workload.

System Monitoring Alerts: Receive real-time alerts for system outages or performance issues.

Access Management: Automate the process of granting or revoking access to company systems for employees.

Software Updates Notifications: Notify relevant teams or individuals when critical software updates are available.


Student Enrollment: Automate student enrollment processes by syncing data between admission portals and school databases.

Course Feedback: Automatically send out course evaluation forms at the end of each term or module.

Attendance Tracking: Integrate virtual learning platforms with attendance systems for automatic update.

Educational Content Distribution: Distribute educational materials or updates to students and faculty through automated emails.


Patient Appointment Reminders: Send SMS or email reminders for upcoming appointments.

Medical Record Updates: Automate the updating of patient records across different healthcare systems.

Inventory Management: Monitor and reorder medical supplies based on usage data automatically.

Staff Scheduling: Align staff schedules with patient appointment volumes.


Case Management: Integrate email and communication tools with case management software for automatic case updates.

Document Automation: Generate legal documents based on client information inputs.

Appointment Scheduling: Sync legal consultation appointments with lawyers’ calendars.

Billing and Time Tracking: Automate time tracking and billing for client cases.

Real Estate

Property Listings: Update and distribute property listings across multiple platforms automatically.

Client Communication: Automate follow-up emails or messages to potential buyers or tenants.

Document Management: Automate the organization and storage of legal and property documents.

Market Analysis Reports: Generate regular market analysis reports for different properties and regions.

These automations can be customized based on specific business needs and software ecosystems within each industry.

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