Employee onboarding and offboarding services

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Employee onboarding and offboarding services

DFW IT Experts provide comprehensive employee onboarding and offboarding services to help businesses in the Dallas-Fort Worth area manage the technology aspects of the employee lifecycle efficiently and securely. Our team of experts will ensure a smooth transition for new hires joining your company and handle the necessary processes when an employee leaves. Our employee onboarding and offboarding services allow you to focus on welcoming new talent and ensuring a smooth exit for retiring employees.

Main features and benefits

Hardware and software provisioning

We provide new hires with the necessary hardware such as laptops, desktops, mobile devices and peripherals.

User account settings and access management

We help new employees set up user accounts, including email accounts, network access, and other business applications

Network and System Orientation

Our specialist will give the new employee a network and system orientation and familiarize him with your company’s IT infrastructure

Account Deactivation

When an employee leaves the company, we help the user deactivate her account and revoke access to company systems and applications.

Data backup and retrieval

Facilitates the backup and retrieval of departing employee data in accordance with organizational policies.

Collection of Equipment and Assets

Our team coordinates the return of company-owned equipment such as laptops, mobile his devices, and other hardware from departing employees.

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